Access the 2022 technical presentations from our industry expert speakers.


Digitisation powers renewable asset performance 
by Matt Stubs

Heat pumps are primed to assist decarbonisation 
by Jarrod Leak

From Net-Zero to True-Zero using Traceability Technology
by Steve Hoy

Leveraging digitalisation to scale an energy portfolio
by Tim Lane

Energy Management En-Route to Net Zero
by Grace Young

Empowering solar owners in the changing energy landscape
by Stefan Jarnason

How to Lift the “Silicon Ceiling” of Grid-Connected Solar
by Scott Young

How businesses can promote and drive a greener way of life
by Jason Venning

Vehicle to grid: benefits, challenges and the pathway to mainstream adoption
by Dr. Kathryn Lucas-Healey

How shading technology in string inverters provide optimal energy than DC Optimisers
by Zain Sakarwala

Utilising inexpensive CAT M1 devices to upgrade or replace AFLC infrastructure
by Adrian Knack

Tracker Considerations for the Australian Landscape
by Scott Young

Technology Showcase:
Flywheels vs. Batteries
by Howard Leong

Advanced inverter capabilities and their role in grid stability
by Andros Cadavid

Where do flow batteries offer a more viable, proven solution than lithium ion?
by Conan Jones

Renewable Generation Recognition, where it sits and where it is heading
by Aleena Dewji

The role of community batteries
by Louise Bardwell  

Haystacks Solar Garden -
Unlocking Solar for All
by Kim Mallee

Realising Win-Wins for Everyone on a Distributed Grid
by Yannick Zapf

Stand Alone Power Systems: Opportunities and Challenges
by Jonathan Knott

MyTown Microgrid - a community first, data driven approach to microgrid feasibility
by Dr. Scott Dwyer

Distributed Energy Resources - secured Integration into smart grid
by Raja Ravi and Dr. Alireza Jolfaei