Monthly News Roundup - November 2021

30 November 2021

Here is the Energy Next news round up for November 2021

Gas industry proposes big solar to halve LNG emissions, with support of Sun Cable

A report by Charles Darwin University and National Energy Resources Australia examined the potential to decarbonise Australia’s LNG sector via electrification and large-scale renewables, claiming solar for LNG plants could cut up to 50% of its emissions.

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NSW first as Western Sydney green hydrogen plant starts up

With the Western Sydney Green Hydrogen Hub now online, 23,500 residential customers and more than 100 commercial and industrial customers in New South Wales (NSW) are receiving green hydrogen as part of their gas mix.

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NSW, ACT and South Australia in cross party push to speed transition to net zero

The Net Zero Emissions Policy Forum has been initiated by New South Wales, South Australia, and Australian Capital Territory governments to help sub-national jurisdictions address the practical challenges of achieving net zero emissions.

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“Transformational:” Australia passes 3 million-mark for rooftop solar systems

More than 3 million rooftop solar systems have been installed nationwide as of November 2021, despite 2 years of Covid-19 market disruptions. With a panel installed every 44 seconds, the electricity market has seen rooftop solar account for 38% of NEM demand.

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APA to build 88 MW solar farm in central Queensland

The first phase of Mica Creek Solar Farm is expected to become operational by early 2023 & will produce 44MW of electricity. Its developer, APA Group, is in “advanced discussions” w/ a number of customers to develop the next phase of the farm, which will generate 88MW.

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Rooftop solar installations increase 40% from 2020

The Australian PV Institute's "National Survey of PV Power Applications in Australia" report shows that 2021 was a big year for solar energy in the region with 360,000 rooftop system installations added, representing a whopping 40% increase in 2020.

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Australia’s oldest open cut coal mine to be transformed into major renewables hub

Announced this week, plans to repurpose the Muswellbrook coal mine in the New South Wales Upper Hunter region into an industrial hub with a total of four renewable energy projects and related training facilities.

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Plastic for solar panels?

Solar manufacturers Merlin Solar, Solarge, and LG are switching out aluminium and glass in products for plastic in a bid to lower weight, emissions, and cost.

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