Monthly News Roundup - January 2022

31 January 2022

Here is the Energy Next news round up for January 2022

Pacific Energy unveils ‘world first’ hybrid power solution at mine site

Pacific Energy has implemented a world's first hybrid power solution in a Jacinth-Ambrosia mine site.

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The long road ahead to EV-grid integration

Whilst there is a lot of enthusiasm surrounding EV, there are still many questions regarding integrating them into the electricity grid. The South Australian government has recently invested $3.6 million into several pilot programs to help tackle the challenges of accomodating the state's growing EV fleet.

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Smart inverters to boost solar power generation

With a ‘smart inverter’ standard in place since late 2021, Victorian residents are able to generate more solar energy from their rooftop panels, reducing the electricity rates of their household and generating lower-emission energy for the wider community.

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UGL secures $296 million in renewables and utilities contracts

UGL, CIMIC Group's specialist end-to-end asset solutions provider, has been awarded $296 million worth of contracts for projects in the renewables and utilities sectors. These contracts include the design and construction of two 330kV switching stations in SWQ.

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Sun Metals taps gravity energy storage tech in shift to “green zinc”

Sun Metals announced on Monday its plans to deploy a kinetic energy based, “gigawatt scale” solution at its north Queensland zinc refinery. Inspired by pumped hydro, the technology will use blocks of solid material instead of water to support renewable power supply.

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Getting real about the hydrogen economy

Hydrogen is frequently recognised as a major player in decarbonisation. However, the availability, ease and efficiency of solar and wind resources has seen people question the value of large-scale clean hydrogen in the energy sector.

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Rystad: Residential solar soars past C&I in 2021

2021 was a record year for residential solar. According to the end-of-year analysis from Rystad Energy, renewable energy and battery storage achieved a 30% increase in installations in 2021 - a standout figure. It grew from 18.9GW in 2020 to 25.2GW, surpassing the commercial and industrial (C&I) segment for the year.

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